Scout Customer Success

Scout Customer Success

How do you grow retention rates? By ensuring adoption and reacting quickly when a customer gets off track. Scout Customer Success can help—by making sure you’re always running the right play with the right customer at the right time.

Score health by user, subscription, and customer

Grow customer satisfaction by monitoring the details of customer health. Scout Formulas calculates a score for each purchased subscription and provisioned user, then aggregates the results into an overall customer score.

Coordinate your customer interactions

Get your customer success, sales, and marketing teams working together to run the right play with the right customer. Scout Customer and Subscription Playbooks automate task creation and assignment to align your teams, so you can make every interaction timely and effective.

Avoid fire drills with predictive analytics

Intervene quickly before a customer gets off track. Scout Triggers use predictive analytics to provide proactive alerts on onboarding, adoption, and retention risks.

Accelerate adoption with user nurturing

Grow the value that your users receive by engaging them individually with personalized interactions. Scout User Playbooks integrate with your e-mail system to automate the delivery of training, feature discovery, and guidance on best practices.

Prioritize time with task management

Align and validate the priorities of your customer success team. From within, Scout Task Manager makes the next-best-action triage simple and clear for each customer success manager.

Maximize productivity with a 360-degree view

Increase the efficiency of your customer success team. Within, the Scout Explorer provides a 360-degree view of each customer, subscription, and user.