Scout creates customers for life.

If you want to accelerate growth in revenue and profits, you need to maximize customer lifetime value — and that means creating customers for life.

Scout is a customer lifecycle management solution that aligns all of your teams, processes, and systems behind that single goal.

Whether you use one solution or all of them, Scout helps you keep and grow your customers — by always running the right play with the right customer at the right time, at every stage in the customer lifecycle.

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Scout Customer Success
Grow your retention rates by nurturing user adoption and managing account plan exceptions.
Scout Sales
Grow your revenue opportunities by predicting when and why customers will buy more.
Scout Marketing
Grow your leads by predicting the next-best offer for each customer and activating your most likely advocates.
Scout Product Management
Grow your revenue yield by optimizing rate plans to match actual customer usage.
Scout Finance
Grow your efficiency by automating the way you charge for usage.
The Scout platform powers every part of the Scout solution.
Scout Link
Know your customer with Scout Link, which creates a 360-degree view by integrating data from your internal systems and external data sources.
Scout Hub
Show your value with Scout Hub, which measures, monitors, and reports on usage—so customers know you’re delivering on promised value.
Scout Playbooks
Personalize every interaction with Scout Playbooks, which uses predictive analytics to proactively engage customers at the right time.
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